E-Widensia accompanies you in your projects of:

  • Consulting for Financial Departments  (Audit, Diagnosis, Restitution, Benchmark)
  • Reorganization and transformation of the finance function or finance management control
  • Digitalisation of the principles and rules of performance managementReengineering and optimization of forecasting processes and implementation of budgeting solutions (forecast, rolling forecast)
  • Setup and tuning of industrial, sales performance &  logistical dashboards linked to financial indicators
  • Improvement of the management of the working capital requirement

Our approach is based on the following angles:

  • Organization: Diagnosis and dimensioning of the finance function
  • Business knowledge: Definition of the indicators and their method of calculation, evolution of the group reference system
  • Process: Reengineering or optimization of processes, review of the interactions between the different teams
  • System: Information system: mapping of the information system, evolutions and digitization of the current IS for greater agility

Application and finance function audit
The application and finance function audit of your management solutions fulfilled by e-widensia offers you a full 360-degree vision

  • By combining the provision of business and infrastructure skills with management solutions
  • Mapping of information systems and KPI list
  • Your management solutions will be analyzed by e-widensia and all relevant technical and functional indicators will be delivered to you.
  • By applying sing a proven audit methodology that allows you to provide a factual assessment of the health of your solutions, as well as recommendations of good practices to apply in your context and an implementation project plan schedule.
  • Diagnosis of the Finance function
  • Review of the articulation of responsibilities between the business players in the finance function (accounting, treasury, consolidation, …) and operational staff

Financial management

  • Collect the most up-to-date financial and non-financial information
  • Structuring your financial processes in an integrated and automated finance IS
  • Accelerating and making decision-making more reliable with shared management indicators
  • Improve team productivity by mobilizing them on analysis rather than consolidating data
  • Take advantage of digital and big data to integrate finance into the global transformation process of the company
  • Preserving margins while optimizing operational efficiency and opening up new opportunities for growth
  • Simplify planning cycles, optimize the budgeting process
  • Manage cash flow with a dual objective of risk management and value creation
  • Reduce reporting efforts
  • Shorten the closing process

Budget preparation process

  • Our offer to simplify and to automate the construction of budget and rolling forecast, based on the following steps:
    • Plan and define the budget process, calendar of activities, elements to measure …
    • Define the reporting structure, analysis model, granularity of the indicators …
    • Define critical performance indicators in support of the strategic plan
    • Our business teams help you to build an analysis grid for the choice of the budgeting tool
    • Training and transfert of skills for the users
    • Allocate tasks, select the bottom-up or top-down model, define collaboration and workflow modes
    • Define timelines
    • Identify independent variables and outcomes to deliver
    • Measure actual results, analyze variance, define frequency of update
    • Revise the budgetary financial model

Cash flow reporting

  • Your target:
    • Measuring cash available, optimizing working capitzl and generating cash
    • Anticipate short-term or long-term cash requirements
    • Secure Receipts and Disbursements
    • Model cash flow forecasts using the direct or indirect method
    • Reliability of information systems related to cash forecasts
    • Set up appropriate reporting, dedicated to cash flow forecasts.
  • Our approach offer:
    • Establish your cash flow chart from your data powerded by transactional systems
    • Opt, on the operating flows, for the indirect and / or direct method
    • Calculate net monthly cash position
    • Explain its variations
    • Dialogue with your Treasury team on common bases

Statutory Consolidation

  • In an increasingly normative environment IFRS 5, IFRS 11, …, applications must meet the requirements of external publications and internal management.
  • Statutory consolidation becomes an essential step in the reporting cycle, produced in ever-shrinking times and with increasingly stringent traceability requirements (maintenance of the audit trail).
  • E-widensia brings you all its skills and ability to assist you on:
    • The latest IFRS standards applicable within the groups,
    • The implementation of your statutory consolidation application
    • Consolidation assistance
    • Facilitate the certification of the group’s consolidated accounts
    • Produce figures in an evolving perimeter: buyout, spin-off, merger, …
    • Changing the group’s vision: driving the group’s activity with the new management structures
  • E-widensia is a recognized actor and expert on the main unified systems of reporting and consolidation.

Management Reporting

  • We can help you reduce closing times with a Fast Close Approach
  • Optimize and secure financial processes
  • Manage the complexity of operations, manage associated risks
  • Simulate the impact of a change related to the activity
  • Better understand the past activity and project on the forecast

Operational Reporting

  • In order to overcome the traditional challenges of budgetary control, financial indicators must be added to the operational indicators that are closer to the reality of the business and the market, such as human resources, taxation, treasury, purchasing, IT and environment reports.
  • They can also be divisional reports, branches, poles which, by enriching a group model, limit the costs of acquiring the data, make the different lifts more reliable and increase the possibilities of analysis.
  • E-widensia offers you all its experience in the analysis and implementation of operational reports within your applications.
  • E-widensia is an acknowledged actor in complex organizations and its teams have a long history of managing the reporting of branches, divisions and divisions within large international groups.

Sustainable Development Report and CSR Reporting

  • The NRE laws, Grenelle II, the European directive being transposed … gradually strengthen the legal framework governing sustainable development reporting.
  • These new legal measures encourage companies to set up a real management of their extra-financial and then overall performance, thus requiring a structuring of the process of collecting quantitative and qualitative information scattered throughout the company.
  • The demand for information for compliance with Grenelle II, for the management report or for communication to the stakeholders (Clients, Investors …) is constantly growing
  • Consistency in the collection of this information has become a major issue. Being able to access it easily becomes a real need.
  • E-widensia has the solution for your CSR collection

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • Identification of business players
  • Project management
  • Implementation of decision-making information systems (construction of data warehouses)
  • Project owner / Business owner to the CIOs and the business players on the deployment of solutions
  • Assistance in the cross-functional management of business intelligence programs

Big Data

  • Implementation of management tools
  • Recover and synthesize massive data quickly
  • Generate data analysis reports useful for the governance of your group
  • IoT coupling


  • Sometimes pragmatic and directive, sometimes incremental and allotted, the methodology used by our experts is a structuring approach that makes it possible to control risks and to ensure respect of budgets and commitments.
  • The development of procedures and the various stages of integration (including training) make it easier for our clients to take charge of their new reporting solution.
  • E-widensia experts help you to optimize your processes to increase productivity from project-level to production by guaranteeing compliance.

Information system strategy

Infrastructure Project Management Frameworking Mission (IS Architecture):

  • Elaboration of 2.0 Master Plan
  • Formation of transformation trajectory of the IS in hybrid systems (database, security, governance, framework, etc …).
  • Accompaniment in technological breakthrough
  • Audit of ISD support functions
  • TCO Calculation
  • Definition of change management project plan:
    • Tools
    • Organisation
    • New business roles
    • Training

API Management

Development of specific tools with API Management:

  • The Application Program Interface Management
  • API Management is inspired by techniques developed to support SOA governance but provides other answers to the challenges of service exhibition projects
  • Implementation of iPaaS API solutions

Software Development

  • Business Intelligence / APEX
  • Angular
  • Cloud Control Development
  • Java Development
  • .Net Development
  • Machine Learning

License Management

  • License Procurement
  • License Optimisation Management
    • Audit of the use of your EPM platforms, which saves you on your licensing costs:
      • List of created / deleted users
      • List of users who are not logged in
      • Provisioning / real usage comparison
      • ….
    • License Support

Business Application Management (BAM) & Technical Support Service Contract (TSSC)

  • A single high level contact, guaranteeing the quality of the services offered, your interlocutor is in charge of the customer relationship and the advice
  • A team dedicated to application maintenance operations to guarantee your outsourced or on site BAM / TSSC
  • Our services correspond to support activities of level 1, 2 and 3:
    • Scalable BAM, corrective BAM and preventive BAM.
    • Application Support and Tests: Support for malfunctions, analysis of the causes of incidents.
    • Application Enhancement: Change Management, Corrective Maintenance, Continuous Improvement management and support.
    • Involvement in your projects: support for testing phases, definition of perimeters, quotations.
    • Service desk: our standard ticketing tool to enable key users to track and check actions.
  • The advantages of our services: 
    • High level of skills
    • Customizable billing according to customer requirements
    • Perfect investment control
    • Tailor-made services: reports tailored to your specific needs
    • Agility and responsiveness

Specially adapted to financial solutions our Cloud offer enables the boards of Financial Departments and Information Systems to:

  • Reduce and variabilize operation costs
  • Equip you with the most powerful SaaS software on the market to respond to rapidly changing business demands
  • Benefit of strong business and software skills
  • Accelerate changes and evolutions in existing or aging processes
  • Bring attractive financial offers
  • Deploy rapidly and manage platforms continuously: functional support, changes in settings, performance and business process guarantees (consolidation, reporting, budgeting processes)
  • Develop a partnership relationship with your SaaS provider
  • Have applications available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Cloud solution is complete, focused on achieving qualitative and operational objectives. This turnkey solution is scalable for a lasting relationship and is available in different departments

Our detailed offer

  • Denial of service protection
  • Intervention 5/7
  • Datacenter Tier-III
  • Blue period 26 days / month
  • Red period 5 days / month
  • Availability :
    • Of the platform 99,982%
    • Applicative 99,4%
  • Personalized denial of service protection
  • Intervention 5/7
  • Datacenter Tier-IV
  • SAN replication
  • Blue period 24 days / month
  • Red period 7 days / month
  • Availability :
    • Of the platform 99,995
    • Applicative 99,6%
  • High availability of the VMs
  • Curative denial of service protection
  • Intervention 5/7
  • Datacenter Tier-IV
  • SSD SAN replication
  • Prioritized bandwidth
  • Blue period 21 days / month
  • Red period 10 days / month
  • Availability :
    • Of the platform 99,995
    • Applicative 99,6%
  • High availability of the VMs
  • Replicated backup in an other Datacenter

Applicative monitoring (Webform opening performance, main processing…)
Technical monitoring (CPU, Ram, Services…)


More than 50 trainings:

  • Operating system (Windows, Linux)
  • Database (MY SQL, Oracle, Sql server, MongoDB)
  • Base Hadoop and NoSql
  • Exalogic System, Exalytics, Exalogic
  • J2EE Server
  • EPM System 11 (HFM, Essbase, HP, DRM, …)
  • BI (Microsoft, Oracle)
  • FCPM (OneStream)
  • Master Data Management
  • Api Management
  • Agile and Scrum Method
  • Mobile Platform (MEAP)
  • Javascript Framework
  • Industrialization of developments, …