• E-widensia helps groups to transform their IS:
    • Innovative offers
    • From Technology to Business services
    • Quick ROI wins
  • We are helping groups to modernize their information systems and fully support the challenge of digital transformation.
  • Our clients include companies in the fields of luxury, energy, transport, industry, tourism, services, banking and insurance.
  • Trust is the pillar of our relationship.

Setup and tune a complete financial system to meet the CFO’s financial management challenges

Develop a financial system consisting of:

  • Financial and management reports
  • Financial reports, dashboards, Microsoft (Adobe, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and mobile
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Budgeting / forecasting
  • Resource Planning, Treasury Planning, Capital Planning, …
  • Long-term or strategic planning
  • Profitability
  • Data Integration
  • Guided workflow (the backbone of the solution)
  • Close Management & Consolidations
  • Account reconciliations
  • Artificial Intelligence for optimization and decision-making

Optimize and secure your business at the network level
You improve internet response times, secure connections, save bandwidth and reduce roaming charges.

Le système traite les problématiques suivantes :

  • Load Balancing
  • SSL/TLS Control Tower
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Content Acceleration
  • Cybersécurité

Système BoostEdge Atlas et BoostEdge PetaCache

  • Benefit of the broadest portfolio of enterprise applications With state-of-the-art capabilities,Oracle Cloud solutions and Oracle’s local applications combine quick-to-use and easy-to-use configurations with predefined content that allows for better scalability and deeper integration.
  • Oracle Cloud
    Improve productivity through the set of technology layers (ExaStack, ODA, SOA, middelware, integration solution, …)
  • Enterprise Performance Management Cloud
    Improve the accuracy, efficiency and consistency of your planning and budgeting processes. Connect business processes and financial planning with Oracle’s robust, cloud-based EPM solutions
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Optimize financial and operational planning for the following processes:
    • Workforce Planning
    • Asset Planning
    • Financial Planning Project
    • Financial Statement Planning
  • Financial closure and reporting
    Streamline financial closure Cost
  • Effectiveness and Cost Management
    Increase margins and improve resource planning
  • Corporate tax
    Combine taxation and finance
  • EPM for SMEs
    Get more precision in your forecasts to stay ahead
  • Business Intelligence
    Integrate all your decision-making needs into a platform (dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, mass reports, proactive alerts, offline mode, publishing to office tools)
  • Big Data
    • Expand the processing of unstructured data by:
      • Harnessing the benefits of large cloud data Expanding scalability,
      • Reliability and resiliency across the entire environment Build on Oracle Engineered Systems for a good price / performance ratio
      • Protecting investments and skills in the era of bulky data and cloud

Build and shape an information system that simply integrates your high-performance backoffice by optimizing the TCO
Develop and open your information system with new technologies:

  • Middleware
  • Interface
  • Framework
  • Re-hosting
  • Monitoring
  • OpenFrame

Build a secure information system

Develop an information system with new technologies:

  • Security Operation Center detect advanced threats
  • Ikare Vulnerability Management Solution
  • Smart Predictive Analytics (Big Data Behavior)
    • Behavioral analysis in cybersecurity
    • Human intelligence on the scale of the computer

Artificial intelligence is invoked in the field of cybersecurity thanks to its algorithms of automatic learning to make it possible to protect against cyber-threats.

Manage  your license portfolio
Manage and control your Software applications fleet portfolio

  • Commercial
  • Compliance
  • Technology

Digital Software Platform

With the increasing complexity and diversity of software solutions, companies now need integrated software lifecycle management to achieve a streamlined software portfolio.

This helps anticipate and establish a strategy to limit budgetary and compliance risks.

Nowadays a complete optimization of expenses and software requests is necessary.

Build a Cloud Azure system

  • Provide systems As A Service (Software, Platform, Infrastructure)
  • The user focuses on its application and its functional value
  • Microsoft manages the infrastructure, which is available on demand for applications
  • Invoicing is carried out with the use, without cost of acquisition
  • Many functions are available, immediately activatable: VPN, data replication, CDN, SOA Bus, Security, Multiple Authentication, caching, reporting
  • Applications and data are localized, replicated, highly available, scalable
  • A marketplace allows the sale and purchase of data and software components

Protect your business at the database level

Everyone wants “Zero Data Loss – RPO = 0«  and everyone also wants a geographical separation between sites
But the challenge is that the 2 requirements do not match well together: the greater the distance, the greater the impact of performance is important. With Async replication when switching to DR, the risks are as following:

  • Loss of data from the latest REDO and Archive logs
  • Loss of consistency between applications

Axxana Phoenix System

Most disaster scenarios combined with Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync provide the high-availability, full-featured, and reliable data recovery solution for your company’s critical data.

Build a complete financial system to meet the CFO’s financial management challenges
Create a financial system consisting of:

  • Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Offers planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation capabilities in a single application.
    • Easily adjust plans and forecasts, accelerate budget and closing cycles and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards
  • Cloud Analytics
    • Plan, analyze, plan and collaborate in a single SaaS-Cloud Analytics application for planning. Powered by SAP HANA technology in memory, this solution can help you dramatically simplify and speed up financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
    • Management strategy
  • Profitability and Cost Management
    Act decisively with a clear understanding of how your decisions will affect profitability and cost
  • Financial Close & Consolidation
    Improving legal and consolidation management
  • Reporting & Disclosure
    Prepare and publish financial statements and reports
  • Digital Boardroom
    Direct overview of financial and operational measures

Improve the productivity of your business through different applications
BSS Solution – Providing on-demand applications based on an innovative framework

  • Event management
  • Time management
  • Expense management
  • Trouble-shooting management
  • Payment management
  • Event log management
  • IT management
  • Batch management
  • Security Management
  • SMB Pack
  • Build Process

All our customers contact us to accompany them on their new projects

  • Some examples of missions fulfilled by our teams:
    • Insurance: Implementation of third-party application maintenance
    • Pension fund: support in the implementation of a digital business intelligence system
    • Energy distribution: Implementation of CPM tools
    • Public organism : Assistance to the Big Data project framework
    • Telco : support in setting up tools for steering and budgeting
    • Advertising group : Audit and technical support on EPM / BI platforms